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Roll Down Shutters

 Bertha® End Retention Rolling Hurricane Shutters are designed for strength and beauty. All of our Rolling Hurricane Shutters have been rigorously tested. Our versatile systems offer you a choice of vented or non-vented slats, in four color choices, combined with a wide array of electronic motors and controls. These will provide your home or business with unparalleled comfort and convenience while affording you maximum protection against Hurricanes and intruders.

63mm Single Wall Slat Rolling Shutter Features:

  • The 63mm Single Wall Aluminum Rolling Shutters Feature End Retention only.

  • The 63mm has been rigorously tested and spans industry leading dimensions with sizes up to 240" in width. 

  • The 63mm Aluminum Rolling Shutters have an ultra-compact roll diameter allowing up to 92" tall openings in a 7" box, up to 128" in an 8" box.

  • Snap-lock track covers hide mounting anchor holes.

  • The 63mm Rolling Shutter System affords maximum cost efficiency especially on smaller residential openings while still offering all of the enhanced living benefits and peace of mind as the large MS56 End Retention System.

System Specifications:

  • Maximum Size: Up to 20' 1-1/2" Wide

  • Storm Bars: Not Required but Optional

  • Design Pressure: +/- 45.0 PSF to +/- 150.0 PSF

  • Testing/Standards: ASTM E330, E1886-1996, TAS 201, 202, 203

  • Approvals: FBC (HVHZ & Non-HVHZ) - FL31658

Options Include:

• Spring Operated: Push Up/Pull Down Curtain by Hand - No electrical or motorization required - Incremental spring torsion adjustability works with both single and double wall slat systems

• Motor Operated: Home Automation (Alexa/Google Home) - Solar powered option available

• Gear Operated: Manual Operation with Crank & Universal

• Home Automation available

• Solar Motor connectivity available

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